A traditional heart and innovative mind

that’s Grando’s legend!

Grando's is a 100%-Made-in-Italy pizza:
a traditional pizza with a modern spin!

Who’s Grando?

Grando was an Italian pizza-maker (just like his father and grandfather before him), born and raised surrounded by pizza dough. Rumor has it that for his third birthday his dad gave him a bag of flour and 1 kg of yeast!

His dad taught him everything he knows, from the secrets to perfect baking, to the different types of flours, and the techniques for a delicious-smelling crust that’s crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

According to the legend surrounding Grando, he had always been an innovator, since he was a kid. He kept experimenting, kneading and baking, until he eventually created several ways to make the traditional Roman-style pizza even more delicious!

Why Grando’s Roman-style pizza

is in a class of its own

Grando’s Roman pizza was so delicious that in no time he was able to put enough money aside to carry on the family business and restyle it altogether. His friends went to visit him practically every day, and they did so for one reason above all: his pizza toppings were incredibly rich, and the delicious-smelling dough perfectly accompanied every flavor, with every bite. But this wasn’t enough for Grando: in his continuous search for innovative ideas, he understood that to truly satisfy the needs of his loyal customers –super-busy and always on the go– he would need to invent something different. How could he make his pizza new and easy to enjoy, suited to his friends’ fast paced life yet respectful of tradition? Changing the recipe? Not an option! Grando would never compromise the long-standing tradition handed down by his father… besides, he knew the recipe was key to success… And then… Eureka! To get the most out of the topping and make every single bite a unique experience, why not giving the pizza a new shape?
That’s how Grando’s pizza became a street pizza: a long boat shape making it easy to hold and to eat on the go, laying on the couch, or even on a quick lunch break!

Grando and his “brilliant” pizza

But that wasn’t all. Coming up with new flavors was Grando’s bread and butter; satisfying all palates, with delicious toppings, his mission.
All Grando’s pizzas were created for a break full of flavor, without any effort: Tried and true!

lots of flavors in every bite

made by hand... and enjoyed hand-held!

crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, just like in a pizzeria

And even Grando’s dad approves!
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