street pizza
roman style

street pizza
roman style

Grando’s Street Pizza Roman Style is the ideal choice for those who love the authentic taste of pizza: it’s ready in a heartbeat and perfect for every situation!
100%-Made-in-Italy pizza

Grando’s Street Pizza Roman-Style is the ideal choice for those who love the authentic taste of pizza: it’s ready in a flash and perfect for every situation!

Who’s Grando?

According to the legend, Grando was an Italian pizza-maker (just like his father and grandfather before him), born and raised surrounded by pizza dough. He had always been an innovator. In his continuous search for ideas, he understood that to truly satisfy the needs of his loyal customers –super-busy and always on the go– he would need to invent something different.

And then… Eureka!

To  get the most out of the topping and make every single bite a unique experience, why not giving the traditional Roman-style pizza pizza a new shape?

That’s how Grando’s pizza became a street pizza: a long boat shape making it easy to hold and to eat on the go, laying on the couch, or even on a quick lunch break!

All Grando’s pizzas were created for a break full of flavor, without any effort: Tried and true!

Our Products

Grando’s Roman-style

Grando respects tradition, yet loves experimenting with new flavors: take a look at our handcrafted pizzas!

There’s nothing better than Grando’s delicious Roman-style pizza for a party with friends or a quick snack in the office, not to mention how much better it is watch a favorite show and chill on the couch while enjoying a hassle-free pizza!

How to prepare

Grando’s pizza in 5 simple steps

There’s nothing easier than preparing a Grando’s pizza: all you need is an oven, a grill, and the remote control to pause your favorite show (but just for a few minutes!).

In two words? No hassle!

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